ACTIVE Network + RaceHQ Take Your Race to The Next Level

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antonIt is with great honor and excitement we announce our new partnership with ACTIVE Network, the leader in cloud-based Activity and Participant Management Solutions. ACTIVE Network is in the business of helping organizers create great experiences and encouraging participants to engage with them and because we share this same passion we are thrilled to partner with ACTIVE to take your race to the next level.

I still remember our first meeting with ACTIVE, wondering what our two companies had in common. We were a small start-up focused on a new event management software with built-in workflow and event expertise while ACTIVE was, well, ACTIVE, the far-and-above industry leaders in registration. We were flattered just to be in the same room with such a great company, great people, and a great product. Quickly we discovered a commonality in our desire to push innovation and progress within the endurance industry.

To that end, we began mapping out our partnership whereby ACTIVE would be the ‘Official Registration and Participation Management System of RaceHQ’. In the early days we got a lot of questions about whether we offered registration as part of our services and the answer has always been no. Our focus has always been on creating standard operating procedures in the event industry through an online project management, collaboration and task management tool. That said, we wanted to partner with the best in the registration business and that was ACTIVE.

So what does all this mean for our beloved RaceHQ users? Well, first of all, now when asked if we offer ‘online registration’ as part of our services we can point event organizers to the leader in the industry (not to mention ACTIVE’s huge marketing muscle when it comes to marketing your event for you!). Next, for users of both platforms, in the coming months you can expect to see an integration option whereby you will be able to see an ‘ACTIVE Registration Summary’ on your ‘RaceHQ Company Dashboard’ and a ‘RaceHQ Activity Stream’ on your ‘ACTIVE Works Dashboard’. And if you want more detail, you will be able to easily toggle between your two accounts without having to log in twice.

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The world of technology is changing. No longer are the days where one software solution solves all your problems. To be the best, technology companies must stay focused on what they do best and integrate with other companies that are the best at what they do. For this reason, we are so excited to be partnered with ACTIVE. Not only are they pushing the boundaries of innovation on a daily basis but they are also just really good people that care deeply about helping event organizers create great events.

As we begin our journey together, please join me in welcoming ACTIVE to the RaceHQ family and as always please continue giving us feedback along the way so we can continue molding and shaping our product to fit your needs.

-Anton Villatoro, President & Co-Founder, RaceHQ

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