RaceHQ™ and the BUILT WITH CHOCOLATE MILK™ Campaign Announce Strategic Partnership to Help Race Directors Get Chocolate Milk To The Finish Line

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RaceHQ™ and the BUILT WITH CHOCOLATE MILK™ Campaign Announce Strategic Partnership to Help Race Directors Get Chocolate Milk To The Finish Line

San Diego, CA – January 15, 2016 – RaceHQ™, a first-of-its-kind online event planning and purchasing tool for participatory events, announced today a strategic partnership with the Milk Processor Education Program’s (MilkPEP) BUILT WITH CHOCOLATE MILK™ campaign. With a quickly expanding membership of over 1,500 races representing more than 2 million participants, RaceHQ continues to expand its game-changing online marketplace to help race directors produce quality events within budget.

The RaceHQ platform connects race directors with vetted and preferred vendors, provides exceptional value on everything needed to produce an event and streamlines the process of submitting, managing and tracking orders all in one centralized location using its powerful online planning tool. Through its partnership with BUILT WITH CHOCOLATE MILK, RaceHQ will help educate race directors on the science behind chocolate milk for post-exercise recovery and create a channel to provide its members with easy access to chocolate milk to satisfy the growing consumer demand for it at race finish lines. With the newly added Nutrition Category within RaceHQ’s online marketplace, BUILT WITH CHOCOLATE MILK is named the Official Recovery Beverage of RaceHQ.

“RaceHQ is in the business of helping race directors produce quality events within budget, and by identifying and working with partners like BUILT WITH CHOCOLATE MILK we further our commitment of providing the best resources for our members,” said Anton Villatoro, President & Co-Founder of RaceHQ. “Recovery plays such an important role when thinking about maximizing the athletic potential of the participants in an event and we look forward to helping our members take their races to the next level by getting chocolate milk to their finish lines.”

More than 20 scientific studies evaluating athletes from sports including running, cycling and swimming support the benefits of recovering after strenuous exercise with the high-quality protein and nutrients found in low-fat chocolate milk.

“As more and more athletes adopt chocolate milk as their post-race recovery beverage of choice, they expect to see it at finish lines,” said Miranda Abney, Marketing Director at MilkPEP. “We continue to hear from race directors and athletes alike that chocolate milk is a key part of their race experience. We’re excited to help athletes recover effectively and efficiently post-race by partnering with RaceHQ to get chocolate milk to more races around the country.”

RaceHQ Membership is totally free for event managers and includes access to RaceHQ’s powerful event planning tool, exclusive invites to expert webinar series, virtual roundtables and downloadable templates. For more information or to create a free RaceHQ Membership, visit RaceHQ.com/signup. To learn more about the BUILT WITH CHOCOLATE MILK campaign and the science behind the recovery benefits of low-fat chocolate milk, visit BuiltWithChocolateMilk.com.


About RaceHQ
RaceHQ.com is an online event planning and purchasing tool for participatory events. Developed specifically for event managers, RaceHQ incorporates a comprehensive set of features to more efficiently operate and execute events within budget every time. RaceHQ replaces the clipboard and yellow notepad by allowing race directors to easily take control of their events online and source and procure everything needed to produce an event using any device, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks. Learn more at RaceHQ.com or set up your free membership today at RaceHQ.com/signup and engage with us on Twitter @Race_HQ and on Facebook.

The Milk Processor Education Program (MilkPEP), Washington, D.C., is funded by the nation’s milk processors, who are committed to increasing fluid milk consumption. The National Fluid Milk Processor Promotion Board, through MilkPEP, runs the BUILT WITH CHOCOLATE MILK Campaign, a multi-faceted program designed to educate athletes about the recovery benefits of lowfat chocolate milk after strenuous exercise. Lowfat chocolate milk helps athletes refuel, rebuild and reshape after strenuous exercise – with high quality protein scientifically shown to help repair and rebuild muscles. For more information, go to www.BuiltWithChocolateMilk.com. Join the conversation on Facebook BuiltWithChocolateMilk, Twitter @Chocolate_Milk and Instagram @BuiltWithChocolateMilk.


  • Kenny Hart says:

    Good afternoon
    My name is Kenny Hart and I’m the President of the Capital District Triathlon Club and also Co-Race Director for the 2016 Crystal Lake Triathlon on August 20, 2016
    Can you please send me some information on working with you for our Sprint Triathlon Race
    Thank you

  • Bob both says:

    How do we get chocolate milk to the finish line? Thanks.

  • Mike Kohler says:

    Would love to have you as a sponsor. I can be reached at 3017889731 or 5046787434.

    Mike Kohler

  • Mark Barrett says:

    I’m an RD who loves chocolate milk and have races in 2016. Tell me more.

  • Rick Montgomery says:

    I am putting 3kids events on this Summer. Keep informed about the chocolate milk campaign!

  • Our event takes place in West Islip, Ne York I would love to have your company be represented at the race perhaps we can talk

  • Hello,

    My name is Jeanine Cordova and I am the sponsorship chair for the AZ Tri for the Cure. We would like to synergize our race with the Built With Milk campaign. I’d like the opportunity to speak with whomever the appropriate person is in your office or perhaps an email to send out sponsorship package to. Please let me know if you have any questions and what questions you may have. Thanks.

    Best regards,


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