For The Price Of A Cup Of Coffee…

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This week we have launched our new pricing plans. As a former Race Director, I have been hyper sensitive in determining our pricing based on our value proposition. Yes, RaceHQ was developed for event managers to operate more efficiently and execute quality events within budget, proving built-in workflow and event expertise, standardization of best practices, knowledge management, and cross-event collaboration (…phew!). But the true value proposition is providing event managers with a tool to manage the cumbersome logistics so they can spend more time marketing and growing their events. Period.

The objective of our pricing is not to be another added expense. It is to help you be more efficient so you can spend less. When you are more efficient, you make better decisions. You can also get more done with fewer people. We are all guilty of getting into what I call ‘get ‘er done’  mode in the final stretch of event planning when all actual ‘planning’ goes out the window. Rapid-fire purchasing decisions are made – without comparative quotes or consideration for quality – because there’s a race to manage and hundreds or thousands of participants showing up in a few days. Then there’s replication of efforts or ‘recreating the wheel’ that happens every year because there are no repeatable, standardized operating procedures within the organization. Everything is stuck in someone’s head from the previous year and that someone is probably you or someone no longer with the organization, so lots of time is spent bringing ‘everyone up to speed’. All of this is a major distraction to actually marketing and growing your event.

To make sure we got it right, we hired third-party consulting group MarketSpring to conduct a comprehensive RaceHQ Usability and Pricing Study. The objective was to validate and gather input toward product usability and pricing through the collection, analysis, and reporting of unbiased data to substantiate product and pricing decisions. MarketSpring conducted a series of one-on-one interviews with both current users and prospective customers, as well as a quantitative online survey to over 150 event managers. We wanted to understand how organizations were using or would use the software to determine how best to structure our pricing to fit everyone’s needs. The challenge was to make pricing fit the smaller organizations with perhaps just one person putting on their first race all the way through to the larger enterprise organizations planning multiple very large-scale events with lots of moving parts.

What we’ve come up with is a pricing model that scales with you and your organization. Plans start at just $10/month for a single user planning their first race and go up from there as the organization adds more events and users to their account. All plans come with unlimited support and unlimited number of projects within a race. As your event grows (and becomes wildly successful!) and you invite more people to your race crew, the relative price for a single user drops to less than $3/month for our larger enterprise plan…or about the price of a cup of coffee.

Please let us know what you think. Our pricing goal is to make sure the software more than pays for itself through efficiencies brought to your organization while allowing our team to continue developing and supporting a great product!

-Anton Villatoro, President & Co-Founder, RaceHQ

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